4 questions about money and its multiplication (4 questions to ask to a magician)

4 questions about money and its multiplication (4 questions to ask to a magician) Today I suggest that we talk about money and its multiplication.You see, we are not talking about coins, gold, or diamonds. No, of course, all these items can be converted into money using various financial instruments. But only a few people are interested in this, and only a few understand the true meaning of the phrase "what each of us needs." In this article, we will talk about how to establish a "relationship" with your personal finances, how to increase your income, how to find prosperity and financial well-being.If you don't deal with your money at all, then it will get you only in the long run — make a fortune, get a good inheritance, get married and have a child. In fact, if you don't do it, then your "relationship" with the money will last forever and it will "matter" to you "from generation to generation". And this is not at all what I want to talk about. I am not trying to impose my way of thinking on you at all, or convince you of my point of view. You are the one who brought this "money" to you (I assume that everyone has done this, at least to some extent):So what are you waiting for? Start asking these questions to yourselves!And soon you will feel the warmth of their answer. And the heat of their enthusiasm. 4 questions to ask to a magician:1) What do I need to do to get rich? A quick one. As soon as you have a "money magnet" in your wallet, don't take it anywhere! Take it to a Bank and freeze the money there. Then immediately start transferring it to another Bank's Deposit. This will generate a high degree of "compound interest". 2) What will I need to do in order to always have money in my account? A quick one, put a timer on your smart card to determine the exact moment when your "relationship" with money will begin. And this moment will not come soon!Therefore, feel free to change your financial life in any way, at anytime and without warning.3) What will I need to do in order to always be "in the money"?Take a piece of paper and write down on it what you need to do in order to attract the attention of MONEY and increase your income.By the way, this is exactly the same procedure that Warren Buffett used to "grow" his impressive financial capital. empires.4) What will I need to save on the purchase of goods and services?It's important to understand how the purchase of a particular product affects the profitability of its seller. To do this, simply compare the prices of the products you like and the prices that the sellers themselves advertise.