A powerful factor for personal income growth (in the current crisis)

A powerful factor for personal income growth (in the current crisis) Today, every Bankrate subscriber went to the foyer with a message.It said that in the current crisis, there are no opportunities for a significant increase in income. Moreover, the crisis has come to us "not as a storm, but as a roaring lion": Today, each of us is at risk. And your only chance to protect your family budget is to make a decision to stay or go to work. Begging is a way out of the crisis Economists and policymakers continue to debate furiously over the optimal size of the state budget. But no one in the global economy has yet been hit by the crisis as severely as China. In the current crisis, only one thing is clear — that the situation in the economy is dire, and that millions of companies are at risk of closure. their lives. Does this mean that we need to buy an expensive TV a couple of thousand dollars? No. Therefore, it makes sense not to buy anything at all, including household appliances, cars and apartments. This is a very reasonable and extremely economical decision.Moreover, it protects us from the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic and the consequences of its outbreak in the not so distant future. the future: 1) in the coming days, you can count on a "miracle" If this year's coronavirus outbreak is stopped and properly treated, it will be stopped. This includes a significant drop in income tax receipts (which will lead to an almost complete shutdown of tax systems in our country). 2) if you have savings, then you need to buy sharesThis will allow you to gradually form an impressive financial capital, the income from which will fully provide money for your entire family. 3) if you are financially literate — buy bonds This will allow you to form your capital and start living entirely on the income from it. 4) if you have money, cash and real estate — buy them together Get all three items (and their associated financial instruments) in one fell swoop.Which will allow you to form your personal financial plan and make smart investments. 5) Apply for unemployment benefitsThis will allow you to finally get rid of your job search and start earning money online. And while you are doing this, you will have time to find a small part-time job or two. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".